Marlene Steiner


Marlene has diversified experience in entrepreneurship and brand development having spent the past eighteen years brand-building for ultra-premium consumer brands across the country.

Marlene’s experience includes owning and operating a start-up boutique winery, building the on-site consumer experience at one of Washington State’s oldest wineries, and brand development for American Single Malt whisky distilleries in Colorado and Virginia.  Most recently, Marlene was instrumental in developing and executing a growth plan for a Northeast boutique chocolate company.

Marlene has first-hand knowledge of brand-building activities attached to brick-and-mortar operations which is what drew her to commercial real estate. Understanding the dynamics of local markets while supporting retail clients on brand development and growth strategy is a unique viewpoint Marlene brings to the SCRE team.

Marlene has an undergraduate degree in International Business from Fairfield University in Connecticut and received her Master’s in Business Administration from Washington State University. Additional educational pursuits include study at London’s Regent’s College and Master’s degree studies in Decision Sciences at University of Colorado/Denver along with sensory certification by the Wine and Spirits Trust.  Marlene is a licensed Real Estate agent in Connecticut.