First Medical Plaza East of I-75

March 4, 2024

New center in Golden Gate should bring more services closer to the people

Some people living east of I-75, in Golden Gate, tell Fox 4 there’s a lack of medical care, which as of now has them driving as far as downtown Naples to get care.

However, this will all change soon as a new medical plaza is in its second phase of leasing.

“It may not meet all of your needs, but what it does do is serve a variety of medical services to the east of I 75, which is where the population is growing,” said Penny Wickey, Saugatuck Commercial Real Estate .

The Southbrooke Medical Plaza located on Immokalee Road is the first on the east side of I-75 for Naples residents.

“There’s very little new medical construction in the market, and hospitals are growing and growing,” said Wickey. “This particular location is well situated to meet the needs of the residential communities to the east of us where there are no medical facilities.”

Fox 4’s Bella Line spoke with Esther Lully, Director of the Collier Senior Center in Golden Gate, a group that should benefit from these services coming closer to home.

“You know, I had asked them just a little bit before meeting with you. What did this mean for them? Apart from the convenience, another one said though, it’d be great if they could correlate their visits. Instead of having to go see one of their primary care doctor, you know, at one location and driving up to North Naples for dentists, things of that sort, it would be so helpful if it was just all in one location,” said Lully.

Although Lully says they currently have transportation to take their clients to and from appoints, this proximity will cut down the drive time, especially in the busy season.

Wickey says so far they have a Physical Therapist, Dentist, surgical facility, and medical spa signed up for these first spots.

However, Fox 4 wanted to see what the community would like to see go in.

Wickey says they are filling up tenant spots quickly but still have some available.

(Courtesy of Fox 4 Southwest Florida By: Bella Line)